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Company Profile

PT. Bevera Green Indonesia is established since two decades ago. Holding on a high commitment to produce hygienic and high quality Nata de Coco beverages, Cocona Nata de Coco has become a main "Nata de Coco" beverage choice in Indonesia.

With the "Clean, Hygiene and Useful" principles, consumable for both children and adults, PT. Bevera Green Indonesia has been keeping to develop our human resource and production machine technology to produce Cocona Nata de Coco and all the products' variants until today.

With a preserved level of quality, we continuously making serious efforts to fill in Indonesia market evenly and International market in general.

The increasing national and International market potential for Cocona Nata de Coco beverages will become a clear motivation for us, PT. Bevera Green Indonesia, to keep improving and moving forward into the future.

The development of Cocona product variants keeps penetrating to the outside of our core Nata de Coco ingredients, for example Cocona Bubble Es Teler which uses bubble jelly ingredient, Cocona Sarang Burung (Bird’s Nest), and Cocona Jelico which is a jelly drink with its Guava, Blueberry and Orange flavor.

Cocona Nata de Coco beverages and all its variants are Halal certificate holder. We have been a beverage of choice and highly relish by Indonesia people since a long time ago.

With a tight-controlled quality, Cocona also has started getting well known in Saudi Arabia, Hongkong, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

In accordance with the initial commitment since the establishment of our company, PT. Bevera Green Indonesia, Cocona will always strive to improve product quality and the market area until overseas.

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